2 July 2021

Elegant is the word that pops up into the head when Dr Sandhya Bhat is in the line of vision. Tall, slim built her ever smiling face and lively demeanour belies the steely determination and strong will power. Sandhya, an anaesthesiologist by profession, is easy-going. Despite juggling a heavy work schedule with the demands of her family, neither her shoulders are weighed down, nor is she grouchy or abrupt. It is as if her frail shoulders have found the secret to balance her multi-roles perfectly. 

Those who know Sandhya say that she is approachable and simplicity is her middle name. They also say that she will never renege on a commitment. “I come from a service-oriented family. My parents were very committed to social work. They were very focussed about it,” said Sandhya to

Her father, Dr R M Bhat is credited as being the founder of the welfare movement for senior citizens in India. Along with his wife, Anuradha, Dr Bhat established the Jestha Nagrik Sangh, a NGO dedicated to bettering the lives of senior citizens. Sandhya carries the focussed approach and the commitment of her parents, in her genes. Sandhya’s sterling work with the marginalised sections of the society is testimony to her unwavering commitment. Her parents were also closely involved in the Rotary movement with Sandhya’s father being a Past Rotary District Governor (1989-1990).      

Following in the footsteps of her father, Sandhya gravitated towards the Inner Wheel, an international women’s organisation to create friendship, service and understanding. In 2005, Sandhya formally joined the Inner Wheel and set out to change as many lives as she could. A born leader, her capabilities to lead can be tracked back to the schooldays where she donned the hats of Head Girl and Guide Captain. Though she has led the change in many roles, she is a committed team worker, say many in the Inner Wheel.   

“My father was my hero. There was so much he did and it never tired him out. My parents have set the bar very high, so following in their footsteps is a tough challenge,” said Sandhya in an informal conversation with

An alumnus of the prestigious Lokmanya Tilak Municipal Memorial Hospital in Sion (Mumbai), Sandhya has worked here for several years as a lecturer in Anaesthesiology. Her family owns a hospital in Dombivili, the central suburbs of Thane. “I am a consultant anaesthesiologist to several hospitals,” she said. Narrating an incident from her early life, Sandhya laughs away at a mention in her horoscope which ruled out an entry into the medical profession. “It mentioned that I would not be a doctor. I was determined to be one. My parents encouraged me to take on the challenge of the medical profession. I became a doctor,” she laughed.

Her social work encompasses not only the marginalised sections of society but all those in need of a helping hand. Though, like her parents the welfare of senior citizens has been the primary thrust of her social work, she has been actively involved in generating awareness amongst school children about the safe and unsafe touch, breast cancer, women’s health and education, to name a few.    

Interestingly, Sandhya is also a spiritual healer and is the founder of Spiritual Secrets. In her Instgram handle spiritualsecrets4444, Sandhya writes, “Though my life path is an Anaesthesiologist, wherein as a doctor I am already a healer, I believe the Divine had plans for my Soul Path as a spiritual healer too. I have always been fascinated by the metaphysical world and in the year 2000 when I did Intuitive Training it opened something deep within me.

When the angels wish to make their presence felt in your life, they do so in their own way. I believe that they guided me to do various certified courses and connected me with the realms of angels. My aim is to help everyone with the knowledge which I have”.

As a healer, Sandhya offers Angel Card guidance, Akashic Record readings, Psychic readings, Tarot Card readings and guidance to the Merlin Trinity Healing System. Those who have sought her spiritual guidance speak highly of Sandhya’s intuitiveness and clairvoyance. “I am happy to share that all your predictions turned out accurate and true at divine right time. Also the readings gave me so much clarity, guidance and relief during the time of despair. You are the one with very strong psychic abilities,” writes Dipti on the Instagram handle SpiritualSecrets4444.

According to Sandhya, her work as a spiritual healer complements her medical career. “Both co-exist. People think that how can someone who is connected to science be involved with beliefs that exist outside the scope of science. However, in both roles I am a healer,” said Sandhya.