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6th October 2021

Luxury tableware brand Kaunteya unveils a new collection of bespoke tableware ‘Dasara – The Royal Legacy’, just in time for the upcoming Navaratri or Dussehra, or Dasara as celebrated down south.

The Kaunteya collections are a grand, and nuanced celebration of Indian heritage, culture and mythology. And the Dasara collection is no exception. The incredibly breathtaking Indo-Saracenic architecture of Mysore Palace is the inspiration behind the Dasara Series. 

Explore the palace, impressively painted in turquoise blue and decorated with intricate flower motifs and gold details, through this collection. As you place it on your table, you will be enveloped by the royalty of Mysore in all its glory. It is a truly elevating experience.

As a 400-year-old-legacy, Mysore celebrates the festival of Dussehra, or Dasara as it is called here, by displaying the state sword, weapons, elephants and horses in royal procession. It is presided over by the king of Mysore in an elegantly carved royal chariot, which is the showstopper of the day. With Kaunteya’s Dasara collection, you can relish the regal life, every day. 

About Kaunteya

Inspired by Indian mythology and its glorious heritage, Kaunteya presents bespoke tableware that brings a regal touch to your everyday life. Each piece from Kaunteya reflects an Indian story in all its splendor. Each of Kaunteya collections takes the incredible beauty of Indian art, culture, history and mythology to the world, and enriches it with its enchanting allure and depth. 

The carefully crafted wares are created with utmost attention to every minute detail. The intricate designs are silk screen-printed, hand-decorated and then fired to achieve the breathtaking colours. They are accented with a touch of 24k pure gold, which transforms it into a perfect heirloom, which you would be proud to pass on to the next generation. 


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