Working from Home


Ours is a story of two women who first met in an office over a short conversation and a cup of tea. Months later the conversations lengthened and tea breaks turned to lunch breaks. 

In the decade we have known each other, we have hits highs and lows in our individual careers. However, all through it our passion for publishing glued us together. 

While Haima is a diehard journalist with a special love for research, Caroline is a marketing strategist. 

Our diverse careers compliment each other. Through the decade of our friendship we have dreamt of creating  a brand which would draw from our individual talents and showcase our expertise. 

Haima’s foray into Journalism was triggered by her obsession with the newspaper. She was pulled into its powerful, inspiring and overwhelming vortex three decades ago. A known byline, Haima is your go to person when you have a story to tell.

Caroline started out as a marketing manager working her way through some of the best brands in the industry. Now after a two-decade stint with the publishing industry she is well versed in the art of marketing and strategy.

HaimaDeshpande LLP is the journey of Haima and Caroline to tell your story.